We Are In This Together And We Will Get Through This Together

We’ve curated a variety of products and resources, from within the BCA Family, that may prove helpful as businesses plan to reopen the workplace.


(R&D name compliments of Ed Hutchinson, he calls it Rob & Duplicate) Below are COVID-19 Plans from some of our members who were willing to Share.

Direct Choice | Employee & Visitor Office Safety Guidelines

HC Pody  | Pandemic Site Specific Safety Plan

Hutchinson Mechanical | Coronavirus 2019 (COVID -19) Preparedness and Response Plan

Pincus Elevator  | COVID19 Pandemic Action Plan and Sample Emails

New legislation on PPP forgiveness recently passed

Click here for main points of the legislation summarized by Haefele Flanagan

BCA Members Resource Centers

  1. 1

    Haefele Flanagan

    HFCO COVID-19 Resource Center

  2. 2

    Kistler Tiffany Benefits, now a OneDigital company

    Coronavirus Advisory Hub

  3. 3

    NEMR Total HR

    NEMR COVID-19 Resources

  4. 4


    COVID-19 Business Resource Center

  5. 5


    Gibbons COVID19 Alert Series

  6. 6

    The Safegard Group

    Coronavirus Advisory Resource Library  

Helpful Links

6/4/20: PPP Forgiveness changes 

6/1/20: Wellbeing tip from Dr. Lenny  Wrist and forearm pain

5/18/20: Wellbeing tip from Dr Lenny Lower Limber back pain 

5/26/20: Wellbeing tip from Dr. Eric Headaches

5/18/20: Sample Screening Protocols (shared by Marc Sinkow)

5/18/20: PA Dept of Health COVID-19 Safety Procedures for Businesses

5/14/20: COVID-19 Awareness Certification Class Thanks to Matt Pincus for sharing

5/14/20: OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

5/12/20: Wellbeing tip from Dr. Brandie. Taking care of Upper Back Pain 


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