New Tech @ Pincus !! #BCAProud

In today’s day and age, it is not uncommon to see people walking with their head down texting or surfing on their cell phone. This distracted way of life is all around us. More common now than ever are instances where people are hit with the doors while exiting and entering the elevator. What if when your doors were cycling open or closed there was a way to alert the riding public that the doors are moving. 

But there is! Today’s world is all about how convenient technology can be for our lives. 

The Panacrome 3D with Voice is a device that was created to provide audio and visual cues for passengers who are distracted and may not take notice to the doors opening and closing as well as for people who have vision problems. The appropriate message is announced according to the detector’s control box. The Panachrome 3D safety edge is available as an upgrade on existing already installed edges. Volume can be controlled by the customer and also the pre-recorded messages like “doors are opening, safe to enter,” and “doors are closing, please use caution.”  While announcing the detector provides visual green lights when safe and blinking red lights when the doors are closing. This is a typically easy installment to make and there are great benefits for the safety and satisfactory of your customers. 

If you are interested in learning more about installing new 3D Panachrome Edges in your elevators, contact Tom Gibson, Sales Representative or Tony Belluscio, Vice President and General Manager at 610-738-4350 or email Work with us to create the most convenient and safe experience for your visitors!