The power of being a member

Our membership is carefully curated and highly vetted, the identification of outstanding companies for membership is the most important factor in our success. Only a handful of members are selected annually for BCA membership. This selective process, lead by our Board of Advisors, ensures that candidates meet all the classifications and requirements of membership.

Membership Access

BCA members have exclusive access to:

  • Business Family Support system of exceptional people who will shift your way of thinking
  • Exclusivity In core business category. Only the best company is selected to represent each category of membership.
  • Relationship Maintenance Points Wide-variety of carefully thought out relational experiences. Each deliberately created to hit various relationship objectives.
  • A team dedicated to your success Personalization and Accountability
  • Lifelong connections with some of the region’s most influential leaders
  • Life changing content that will inspire and motivate

Minimum Criteria

To be approved to interview for membership, the following minimum criteria must be met. BCA does not discriminate with regards to company size, number of employees or annual revenue; nor does it discriminate on basis of race, creed or orientation. We celebrate diversity on all levels.

  1. Locally headquartered company 
  2. Decision making must be centrally located within the area, with decision maker* residing locally.
  3. Financially sustainable and viable company, minimum 2 years in business (total years in business and history evaluated)
  4. Ethical and integral, company void of any serious moral or legal issues
  5. Category applying for is currently open (if category conflict is unclear, application may be approved to interview, allowing for time to determine if category exclusivity is truly infringed by applicant)

Interested in membership?

Contact us to learn if you qualify


Firstrust is proud to be a member of BCA.  There is a great camaraderie among the members, who are genuinely interested in helping each other be successful.  We have developed meaningful relationships and friendships within BCA and the value of being a member has well exceeded the dues.  The guest speakers are top notch and the events are well organized, informative and entertaining.  We are very happy to have just renewed our membership for another three years.


Interview Process

  1. 1


    A prospective member must be nominated in a category that is currently not filled. Once nominated, the prospective member is invited to meet with a BCA Liaison. The initial Membership Briefing is designed for the prospective member to begin learning about BCA, its culture and the interview process.

  2. 2


    Following the Membership Briefing, the prospective member is permitted to Apply for Interview. All applications are presented to the board for review. Approval to interview will be granted or denied at that time. Applications are non-binding and merely indicate interest to learn more about Membership.

  3. 3


    The Board will then begin its interview process, ensuring that the membership candidate meets all the classification, character and company requirements for membership. A minimum of two Board Members will be appointed on all applications. The Recommending Member or other non-board member may also be asked to participate in the interview process. 

    Your BCA Liaison will guide you through the entire process, assisting and advising when needed. During this time, we encourage you to learn as much as you can about our organization and culture, meet and talk with current members, and carry out your due diligence. Likewise, the Board will also be carrying out its due diligence on your application. 

    At the conclusion of the interview process, the prospective member can knowledgeably decide if they’d like to be presented to the Board for official Membership Selection.

  4. 4


    Member Candidates are presented to the Board for official selection on the second Thursday of every month. Signed Membership agreements must be received by BCA at least one week prior to the Board meeting. Candidates will be reviewed and discussed by the board and a vote will determine candidate selection. 

    To help ensure selection of the strongest company to represent a category, BCA aims to interview multiple companies in a particular category. In these cases, the vote will determine which candidate is selected.

    During selection stage, the Board is evaluating several attributes and factors and applicants ability to live out the commitments of membership.

  5. 5


    Membership candidates shall be informed of the decisions of BCA and the Board via a phone call within 24 hours.