Real Estate Group

The BCA Real Estate Affinity Group is a specialized assembly of Exclusive BCA members deeply rooted in the Real Estate and Construction sectors. We are a dynamic group of seasoned business professionals, united by our passion for the industry and our commitment to fostering meaningful connections.

Our primary goal is to facilitate relationships that drive the ambitions and initiatives of executives in the vast realms of Real Estate, Development, Construction, Property Management, and associated industries. We believe that by connecting the right people, we can pave the way for innovative solutions, collaborative projects, and lasting business relationships.

Members of the BCA Real Estate Group

Alpha by company name

Dave Pearson, President/CEO
Exclusive Category: Security Alarms
Firstrust Bank
Eric Rubin, CRE Senior Vice President at Firstrust Bank
Exclusive Category: Bank
Firstrust Bank
Joe Rago, SVP, REF Sales, Team Leader, Real Estate Finance
Exclusive Category: Bank