Our Leadership

Leadership is a team effort

To move mountains, everyone must carry small stones. BCA has made a substantial impact because of the small stones that have been carried along the way by those who believe in the power of relationships.

BCA Team

The BCA team is a passionate group of pioneers. We are focused and accountable for the relational growth and success of each one of our members. Changing the way people do business, one relationship at a time, is our ultimate mission.

Joleen S. Jaworski


Ralph Cosenza

Vice President

Celeste Bach

Vice President, Member Servicing

Michelle Mazer

Senior Director, Events

Board of Advisors

Comprised of a nominated group of BCA Members, the Board of Advisors was created to uphold the integrity of BCA, advise on policy, support and advance the mission and serve the interests of the general membership. The Board of Advisors plays two direct and significant roles:

  1. 1

    Vetting prospective membership candidates

    Ensuring they represent all the best qualities by which BCA was founded.

  2. 2

    Monitoring the current membership

    Ensuring the commitment to BCA is continuously upheld.

Current Board

Wendy Monaco

Allied Mortgage

Joleen Jaworski


Alan Gries

Gibbons P.C.

Jim Rogers

Haefele Flanagan

Shawn Orenstein


Geoffrey Passehl

Passehl Financial, Northwestern Mutual

Steve Jeffries

Precision Realty Group

Keith Baldwin

Spikes Trophies


“I am BCA Proud because the members are like family to me”

LARRY COHEN, OWNER, Cuba Libre Restaurant and Rum Bar