Our Why

They define and unite us. Remind us why we’re here. Fuel everything we do.

To Change The Way People Do Business.

At the core of BCA, Relationship Marketing  makes it the customary norm to help those around us instead of stepping on others as we scramble up the ladder of success. For our members, it’s all about giving, serving, and asking the question, “how can we help each other succeed?”

Relationships that flourish from a safe place are more likely to succeed.The BCA community is intentionally created to be that safe place from which the strongest relationships can be built. In order to maintain the distinct culture and integrity of our community, each member agrees to uphold the following 10 commitments:

  1. 1


    Think Long Term

    Relationships take time. To quote Keith Baldwin, President, Spike’s’ Trophies, “ You can not microwave a relationship.” Build a relationship before you need it, because they don’t get created in an instant.

  2. 2


    Generosity Before Self-Motive

    BCA members always ask, “How can I help you”. Pushing a sale or leading with a transaction is against our culture. Let’s change how business is done – through trusting, sincere relationships, helping each other and leading with generosity. Approach everyone with warmth and the basic humanity behaviors you would expect.

  3. 3


    Communication is Key

    Knowing how to appropriately educate others about yourself, your business and your activities will enable a comfort and understanding between members.

  4. 4


    Show Respect and Integrity

    The utmost professionalism is expected in order to maintain a safe, comfortable community. Basic warmth and humanity are expected from our members, this would include responsiveness, appropriate communication, listening, and awareness of timing.

  5. 5


    Reach Out When In Need

    Our culture is as strong and exclusive as it is because members look to each other. We are NOT an obligation organization.  The commitment is simply to remember your BCA friends when you have any need.

  6. 6


    Peer-To-Peer Interaction

    Decision Maker participation is one of the most important elements that make up our culture. The safe community is enabled through peer-to-peer (title to title) interaction.

  7. 7


    Deepen Connections

    Building through one-on-ones (1:1s) and small group activities (outside of maintenance points) is the key to success. Relationship building requires a process of frequent, interactive exchanges. It is one of the most powerful marketing techniques, and also one of the most personally involved.

  8. 8


    Remain Visible

    Maintain your relationships through casual “touches”. BCA makes it easier to maintain your relationships through predefined “Maintenance Points”. Commit to leveraging them for your own purposes.

  9. 9


    Your relationships are as strong as you make them so take it upon yourself to tap into all of the resources of BCA . Be proactive to set up meetings and share ideas with your fellow members.

  10. 10


    Take ownership of YOUR club. BCA is as strong as its membership.. Be a stand out!

Our Employee Proclamation serves as a guiding framework for the BCA team, principles we strive to put into practice every day.

Understand People, they all have the following in common:
They like to feel special, so sincerely compliment them,
They want a better tomorrow, so show them hope
They desire direction, so navigate for them..
They are selfish, so speak to their needs first.
They get low emotionally, so encourage them.
They want success, so help them win!