Guest Policy

Established to protect our members and our integrity.

Guest and Cultural policy

Effective January 1, 2020

BCA is a private, exclusive club for use by its members and select invited guests. At its core BCA is all about relationships. For our Members, it’s all about giving, serving, and asking the question, “How can we help each other succeed?” The BCA policies are extremely important to our integrity and have been established to protect our Members and ensure the safe, comfortable environment they’ve come to expect. Prior to attending a BCA event, we ask that each Guest familiarize themselves with our culture and guest policy listed below.

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    ♦ Guests must also adhere to all BCA policies and be respectful of our culture. If guests are found to  violate our culture, they will be prohibited from attending future BCA events.

    ♦ Professional conduct is required at all times.

    ♦ A generous and warm approach to each relationship is expected.

    ♦ Selling or pitching business at events is not appropriate at anytime.

    ♦ BCA Members always approach a new relationship asking “How Can I help you First?”. Guests are expected to have the same approach.

    ♦ The category-exclusivity retained by each Member must always be respected. Guests should remain sensitive to the fact that an exclusive member may exist within their business vertical.

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    Guest Attendance

    ♦ Guests are ONLY permitted at specified BCA events.

    ♦ A guest (non-member) may attend no more than one (1) BCA event in a calendar year (*see exceptions).

    ♦ All guests MUST be Accompanied by their hosting Member. Host Member is responsible for the conduct of their guest.

    ♦ Members must announce their guests prior to the event deadline via our online RSVP system.

    ♦ No more than two people from one specific non-member company shall be permitted to attend the same event.

    ♦ In the case of a member-hosted event (i.e. Speaker Reception, March Madness event), no guest who competes within the host-member’s exclusive category will be permitted.

    ♦ Please remain considerate and sensitive to Category Exclusivity. Guests who compete with an existing Member’s category ARE permitted (so long as it is not a member-hosted event), but Members are strongly encouraged to place a call to the competing Member as a courtesy.

  3. 3

    Former Members

    ♦ Former members may not attend a BCA event without prior approval from BCA Management.

  4. 4

    Significant Others

    ♦ Significant others (that do not officially work for a member company) fall under the same attendance policy stated above.

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    ♦ A non-member interested in pursuing and applying for BCA membership may attend more than the allotted one (1) per year, IF AND ONLY IF they are vetted, by BCA, prior to an event and hosted as a guest of BCA.

    ♦ Registration after the deadline is strongly discouraged. Any guest who is registered after the deadline is subject to a $100 fee (billed annually to the member account).


Anyone who works for, or is employed by, a member company is considered a member. If someone does NOT work for a current member company, they are considered a guest or non-member.


Exceptions to the above policy include anyone who has been prohibited from attending future events. A non-member can be prohibited by BCA Management for a variety of reasons, for example: 1) Offensive behavior deliberately violating the BCA culture 2) A former member who left under negative circumstances (ie, unsatisfied invoices or other inappropriate behaviors as deemed by BCA Management)

Our policy and our system is black and white, but we understand life is not! Therefore BCA Management reserves the right to approve any exceptions and always reserves the right to exercise appropriate flexibility as it relates to our Guest Policy.

Thank you for respecting our culture, our BCA family and our policies. Everything we do is purposefully designed to bring together like-minded business leaders who understand the value of establishing long-term business relationships; those who understand the power of genuine, selfless relationships.

rev. 7/11/19