Advanced Staging Productions Announces New Website #BCAProud

Advanced Staging Productions announces new website geared to businesses of all sizes… from 40 to 40,000…

Advanced Staging Productions, is BCA’s exclusive Audio Visual and production company. Many of you know them for all of the huge events they create at the National Constitution Center (including our signature Hospitality Breakfast) but did you know they also partner with businesses of all sizes for product launches and sales meetings as well as the larger events?

At Advanced Staging Productions, every event is the big event.

This month marks the launch of the company’s new website at, designed to clarify exactly who they are and what they do.  Whether you are a small office or a large corporation, Advanced Staging understands that your event is of critical importance to you and deserves the best service a production company can give. 

What makes the website launch even more exciting… It was born from a BCA relationship forged between Advanced Staging’s President Steve Wildemann and 2120 Creative’s Big Idea Guy, Brandon Steiger.  Because the two spent time getting to know each other, their families and their respective businesses through BCA, they knew they were a perfect fit for the project. 

Luckily, the story doesn’t end here.  Next up: further strategic collaborations between these two BCA friends as they delve deeper into the world of integrated digital marketing.

Take a moment to check out the new site at