Allied Mortgage Roundtable; “How Would Your Friends Describe You?” #BCAProud

A big thank you to Wendy and Allied Mortgage Group for their wonderful hospitality… and parking spots. The unique Roundtable topic, “How would your friends describe you?” was a huge hit. Many members did their home work and solicited their friends, co-workers and family regarding the question. Everyone let their guard down and shared the good, bad and the ugly about the way they are perceived. It was a true relationship bonding experience. Thank you to all the wonderful members for embracing the honest discussion.

Pictured left to right: Jack MacCord – HDI Associates, Lonnie Barish – NAP, Mark Lawson – Premier Pharmacy, Carl Fischer – CamaPlan, Paul Becker – DDP Roofing, Wendy Monaco – Allied Mortgage, Ed Terry – ETA, Ginny Heron-Doerr – Proshred Security, Mary Pat Kessler – BCA, Brent Franklin – Unlimited Technology