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And the Oscar for Best Performance goes to….

Rich Goldberg – for his amazing portrayal of Mel Gibson as William Wallace in his now, even more famous, Freedom Speech!


Accepting the Oscar for Rich are Gene Grimaldi and Brian Mann of The OMNIA Group Architects, without their fantastic hospitality and great Round Table Topic, Rich’s talents would have remained unknown.

Sometimes you just have to have fun and get to know a more personal side of people.  You can tell a lot about us from our favorite movies but we did have some surprises……ahem…..all of you who could quote so many lines from Animal House! 

As promised, here is your list of all-time favorites (do I see a BCA Movie night in our future??):

My Architect



One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Animal House

The Hunt for Red October

The Godfather

Good Fellows

Paris Can Wait

Ted (one and two)

Shaw Shank Redemption


Alone in the Wilderness

The Wizard of Oz

The Matrix

The Last of the Mohicans

The Bridges of Madison County 


Pretty Woman

Top Gun (watch with a ‘different eye’ says Brian)

Thanks again to Marie and Sue for really going the extra mile to make it so fun for everyone.

Please remember to register now for our July Events and get your invitations out for your guests.  

ONE good guest for each of you; for you ; for another Member; for BCA. 

It doesn’t matter…just bring ONE!