Announcing Henry A. Davidsen’s Holiday Offers

Happy holiday season to all! 

Henry A. Davidsen is proud to offer our holiday packages now through Friday, December 22nd. Find big gift opportunities, stocking stuffers, and everything in between. See the images below! 

 Treat yourself or give as a gift to the well-dressed someone in your life (or someone you think maybe needs to be dressing better)! Don’t miss the fine print with purchase and redemption details.** 

Purchase by calling 215-253-5903, emailing or texting 610-656-5303. We can get you set over the phone and we’re happy to mail out physical certificates to present as gifts. 

 **The fine print: Custom clothing packages may be purchased in advance as gift cards and redeemed later but must be redeemed by 3/1/2024 to receive the promotional value. After 3/1/2024 the value reverts to the original purchase price and never expires. Custom clothing package redemption is limited to 2 packages per type per person (maximum of 8 total packages per person). Additional packages may be purchased as gifts for others. No limit on gift cards. The promotion applies to new orders only and cannot be applied to previous or existing orders in works.