BCA Announces the July Speaker J.B. Bernstein: Million Dollar Arm

We are very excited to announce our July Speaker, legendary sports agent and marketing pioneer, J.B. Bernstein. You may be familiar with his upcoming on screen appearance (as played by Jon Hamm) in the Million Dollar Arm being released on May 16th

Hey…Where’s My Big Idea?

“Big ideas” don’t appear magically. There is no hidden storehouse of pre-generated ideas locked away in the recesses of your mind. Good ideas come from a process. Using case studies contained in the forthcoming business book, Hey…Where’s My Big Idea?, marketing veteran J.B. Bernstein shows the genesis of the creativity that led to increased profitability at P&G, the groundbreaking marketing deals for superstar clients Barry Bonds and Emmitt Smith, and his awe-inspiring biographical story depicted in the upcoming Disney film Million Dollar Arm. The process that made Bernstein a legend in his field will guide audiences to find their next big idea.

As a 25+ year veteran of the consumer goods and sports marketing industries, J.B. Bernstein knows what it takes to receive positive results. As the CMO of Seven Figures Management, a sports marketing and athlete representation firm, Bernstein was the mastermind behind The Million Dollar Arm contest. This revolutionary reality TV show and talent search for baseball players in India yielded the first two Indian-born men to ever sign pro sports contracts in the United States, both signing with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Bernstein’s story is now the subject of a Disney motion picture that will be released in May 2014.  Bernstein will be portrayed by actor Jon Hamm, of Mad Men fame.

Bernstein is the co-founder and president of the Access Group of Miami, and has represented some of the greatest athletes of all time including Barry Bonds, Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, and Curtis Martin. Bernstein was responsible for creating ground breaking programs like Emmitt Smith’s “Run with History” which is now the standard deal in NFL milestone marketing.  He also orchestrated Barry Bonds’ departure from MLBPA group licensing, making him the first baseball player to successfully operate outside of their auspices.

Bernstein’s services were retained by MLS from 1995 – 97 to act as their head of licensing and to create the league’s and the players’ entire merchandise program. He secured over 50 partners and reached levels of licensed goods sales in 1997 of nearly $50 million.

He is now sharing his blueprint for executing a revolutionary idea, like The Million Dollar Arm, and the methods to creating his success with audiences who want to channel their dreams and turn them into the next big idea.

Click below to watch the video of JB Bernstein on ABC News discussing his film, Million Dollar Arm.