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BCA “Breakfast in the Evening”, Oh what a Night!

What an amazing evening we had last night with our BCA family and friends. There were a lot of relationships being built. Starting with the elevator ride up to the event compliments of Pincus Elevator, to hanging out at the UnitedHealthcare Bloody Mary Bar, to having some fun in the PCS Tech lounge, you could feel all of the energy in the room. What a refreshing feeling!

A big thanks goes out to our Guest Speakers, The Passing Zone. They really grabbed the attention of our members. Bob Kane and Jim Rogers were real troopers on that stage. We are happy you both made it through. 

We also had the honor of introducing three (3) amazing new members to our BCA Family last night.

  1. Embarq Creative/Nimlok Philadelphia
  2. Synch-O LLC
  3. VERY Real Estate 

How BCAProud are you? Make sure you hashtag #BCAProud on any comments or pictures from this evening. Thanks again for sharing your evening with us and believing in the power of relationships!