BCA Community Circles

Hosted by the Board of Advisors, Powered by the BCA Community

Coming in February, BCA brings you Community Circles, a new series of small groupings, co-hosted by a BCA Board Member. We created the Community Circles so members can keep abreast of all that’s going on within BCA and can continue to have a platform to share, collaborate and give feedback. 

  • Find out about new initiatives BCA rolled out in 2017, including our ONE campaign and the Employee Advantage Program
  • Learn about the future vision for BCA and how important you are to it
  • Discuss BCA best practices
  • Share feedback and suggestions 

We invite all Decision Makers to join the discussion at one of our “Circles”! Official Invitations coming soon… 

*To encourage the most effective dialogue possible, all “Circles” are limited to 10-14 attendees (depending on the location) and are for Decision Makers Only.