BCA COVID Guidelines

Maintaining your health and safety remains our top priority. Please be respectful of the guidelines in place. Guidelines and regulations are changing on a daily basis, therefore these guidelines may change at anytime.


  • Keep 6 feet distance
  • Wear a Face Covering
  • Wash and sanitize hands frequently
  • Respect the Comfort Level Band*
  • If you have a fever or any symptoms of COVID-19, STAY HOME, do not attend any in-person gathering. 


When at any in-person gathering, Attendees will be asked to wear a color-coded wristband to communicate their COVID Comfort Level. Please respect the comfort level of your fellow Members as we transition to in-person gatherings.

BCA will have a selection of wristbands available upon arrival at in-person gatherings. We ask members to keep their wristband upon leaving and wear at the next event. If a wristband is forgotten or comfort level changes, additional wristbands will be available.

 Click here to learn more about the wristbands.


  • At every BCA experience, we will have sanitizing spray, individual hand sanitizer, and disposable face masks for attendees if needed. 
  • All event staff will be provided with and wear a face mask (and gloves if handling food, beverage or money)
  • For the time being, name tags will NOT be used