BCA members share what they are thankful for!

BCA is incredibly grateful for the friendship of each and every single member, but we were curious what our members were grateful for. Thanks so much to some of our awesome BCA Members who shared what they are deeply thankful and grateful for this year. 

“This year, I am more grateful than ever to have such an incredible support system.  I’m lucky each day to be surrounded by so many people who love and care for me and push me forward to achieve all of my ambitious dreams.  I am VERY thankful that they make it easy to always keep smiling and never stop laughing.”

Elizabeth Convery 

Owner, VERY Real Estate

“I have so many blessings in my life and things for which to be thankful.  First and foremost, my family…without them I really have no purpose.  I am thankful for my (relative) good health…glad I am around to experience the aches and pains of aging!  I am thankful for the friends and colleagues with whom I get to work and play every day.  I am so lucky to have a team of professionals who care deeply about what they do and are committed to helping our company succeed.  My life is free of many of the trials and tribulations that can affect us as humans and I thank God for the gifts He has given me.  I pray that I can somehow repay Him by sharing the good fortune I have.  Lastly, I am grateful to be living in a country that, with all its blemishes and differences, is still a place where people can freely express themselves and have the opportunity to make the best of their life and truly pursue happiness.”

Steve Wildemann

President, Advanced Staging Productions

“I am grateful for today, for each day is not promised or guaranteed. I am grateful for how blessed I am for what I have. I am grateful that I can make each day count and appreciate every moment. I am THANKFUL for everything!”

Angela McDonough

Partner, Haefele, Flanagan & Co

“Besides all the important and meaningful things that I am thankful for like family, friends, health, and freedom, I am also thankful that Ralph finally got recognized as last month’s VIP member and he got to share his long awaited private moment with Mickey Mouse.  Ralph you deserve it, you are an indispensable member of the BCA team and we are appreciative of your efforts. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!”

Shawn Orenstein

CEO, Kistler Tiffany Benefits

“I am grateful for the Health and Happiness of my family especially for my 12 daughter, Amelia!  I am also grateful this election season is over allowing for everyone to put their differences aside and focus on building new relationships.  With this renewed focus I wish for prosperity of our growing BCA family!”

Gary D. Krapf

President, Krapf’s Coaches, Inc.

– Happy Thanksgiving to all our BCA Members! –