BCA Radio Live and Unedited At The March Madness Event

KINETIC room at CYTO built for Podcasts

At last week March Madness Event, BCA Radio went live for the first time ever. We broke out from the Member Portal “walls” and broadcast live to the public. Co-hosts Phil Kramer and Joleen Jaworski (filling in for Keith Baldwin) pulled back the curtains on this annual event and chatted with attendees in the Podcast specific room at CYTO.

Steve Jeffries, Tri-State Precision joined us as our “Roaming Reporter”. He was on the event floor brining us moments live from event. We can’t thank Steve enough, his commentary and questions really took the show to a whole different level.

We encourage you to find some time to take a listen. Timestamp (chapters) descriptions are provided on the time progression bar at the bottom, so you can see who joins us. Feel free to jump around or listen from start to end, it’s an easy great listen.

Show Rundown

00:00 – Welcome
14:30 – CTYO | PHL our hosting venue, John New and Brian Riggs
22:50 – Alan Gries, Gibbons PC joins us
32:00 – David Horowitz, Young Adjustment Co
41:25 – Anthony Mongeluzo, PCS
54:20 – Joe Gaglioti, Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa & Salon
59:24 – Steve Jeffries, our roaming reporter, joins us
1:02:00 – History of Coaches vs Cancer partnership
1:03:45 – Steve Jeffries chats with guest Chris Young
1:09:25 – Shawn Orenstein, OneDigital joins us in the booth
1:11:05 – Steve Jeffries chats with Mike Vertolli, Comtect Systems
1:15:00 – Nicole Rife drops by
1:15:30 – Chris Early us in the booth
1:16:00 – Steve Jeffries chats with Caroline Dentino, DDP Roofing
1:19:55 – Steve Jeffries chats with David Neff
1:24:00 – ChatGBT
1:25:30 – Steve Jeffries chats with Larry Cohen and Eric Green
1:29:40 – Wendy Monaco joins us in the booth
1:34:00 –Steve Jeffries live at the BELFOR bar, chats with PJ McMahon
1:36:36 –Steve Jeffries live at the BELFOR bar with Dr. Lenny
1:37:20 –Ron Jaworski joins us in the booth
1:43:10 –Steve Jeffries live with Kathy Pires from Trinity Flavors
1:48:20 –Dylan Orenstein joins us in the booth