Building a Culture | Roundtable

Carlo, thank you so much for hosting a great Roundtable.  The view, the company and the topic were outstanding!  And thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts and told their stories. Paul, thanks for sharing your culture ‘manifesto’ and how you got there and thanks, Craig, for your input and offer to help Carlo.  On a side note, if anyone can figure out the Millennial issue, please let Scott Etish know.  Many share your pain Scott!

Carlo, we all learned a lot about what you do and what makes Rittenhouse different.  I think everyone in the room was completely impressed with your knowledge, your credentials and your passion for what you do.

Some thoughts from the group on building culture:

  • Don’t delegate on-boarding
  • People matter most
  • Hold group interviews in smaller settings
  • Formalize the hiring process
  • Your culture is your people
  • What you started with needs to change over time
  • Be willing to tear down to build a stronger foundation for greater success