Celebrating Haefele Flanagan, BCA Radio with Jim Rogers, October Speaker Reception host

Today we celebrate our long-time friends at Haefele Flanagan! They have been BCA proud for 14 years. Jim Rogers, Jim Haefele, Dave Gill and the entire team have become such an important part of who BCA is, and we can’t thank them enough for their support, friendship and loyalty. BCA personally also thanks them for always keeping us on point financially, managing our books and our accounting. You allow us to focus on what we do best, and give us the peace of mind knowing you have our backs.

Jim Rogers | Featured Guest

We invite you to get to know the Managing Partner at Haefele Flanagan, Jim Rogers, a little bit better. Today, we released the 2nd episode of BCA Radio, featuring Jim Rogers. Log in to the BCA Member Portal, all BCA Radio episodes are right on the home page after you login. We hope you will join co-hosts Phil Kramer and Keith Baldwin as they uncover some of Jim’s childhood passions, and dive into what made Jim who he is today.

October Speaker Reception

BCA is also excited to announce that the upcoming October 7th Speaker Reception will be hosted by Haefele Flanagan. INVITE A GUEST and join us on October 7th at the Independence Seaport Museum. Log in to the BCA Member Portal, to confirm your RSVP today.

What is BCA Radio?

The brainchild of Keith Baldwin and Phil Kramer, BCA Radio is a podcast that takes close relationships to the NEXT LEVEL. Each episode will focus on one member, helping us learn more on the person, who they are, where they came from, and how their life has impacted who they are today. It’s just another chance to get to know your fellow members, so you can continue to build deep relationships.

BCA radio episodes are intended for the ears of fellow BCA members, so all episodes can be found by logging in to the BCA Member Portal