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Community Circle Success at Gibbons

What started as an idea at a recent board meeting became reality, the first Community Circle was held yesterday at Gibbons and it was a success! 

We kicked it off by giving a brief ‘State of the Union’ on where BCA is right now (demographics, fast facts and growth statistics). That sparked the dialogue and great questions immediately. There was also some great discussion on several BCA initiatives including:

  • ONE campaign
  • The Hospitality subcommittee
    • Email Cheryl or Joleen if you’d like a copy of the Best Practices sheet put together by the subcommittee, or feel free to contact subcommittee chair Geoff Passehl if you have additional questions.
  • The Advantage Program

The discussion led into so many additional questions and valuable suggestions and sharing of best practices, way beyond the initiatives listed above. Some of the dialogue and questions raised:

  • Guidelines and rules for brining guests, especially as it relates to guests who conflict with a member category
  • Best Practices on how to maximize hospitality 
  • The unofficial BCA calendar (login to BCA member portal and scroll all the way to the bottom) – I will make font bigger, thanks for the suggestion
  • How do I get to the BCA blog. From any  BCAproud.com page, click the ‘hamburger’ menu on top right and select ‘News and Latest’
    • We encourage you to #Shoutout to your fellow members on the blog, click here learn more about the Member-to-Member shoutout
    • You’re also welcome you to send us anything you’d like posted on the blog
  • Focus Categories, click here for complete list 

Thank you to everyone who particpated, shared their insights and thoughts and contributed to making our BCA family even stronger. Our growth and evolution is a direct result of your feedback and ideas, so we encourage every member to sign up for an upcoming Community Circle. 

Click here to learn more about Community Circles