Congratulations Joe McMahon!

Congratulations to Joe McMahon of McMahon Automotive, for his recognition by the National Vehicle Leasing Association (NVLA) as the recipient of the prestigious “Clemens Pender Award”.

This is the highest honor awarded by the NVLA at their annual national convention.

As gregarious as Joe is, he never touts his own professional reputation or success.  As you know, Joe sold his McMahon Leasing Company in 2020 and he is finally retired.

His industry colleagues were able to formally recognize him post-Covid last week in Florida.

When Joe launched McMahon Leasing in 1987, the very first business check he wrote as a new Owner was to join NVLA as a new member. This was when Joe had $410 in his business account.

In the years since, Joe has been the national VP, served on numerous committees, and taught many national classes. For the Philadelphia Chapter of NVLA during his career, Joe has been the regional Chairman and active in many ways.  

P.J. McMahon urged Joe to attend this Conference as a guest. Joe was totally unaware of this surprise award coming to him. In selling his successful leasing business, Joe was the perfect recipient last week for what the NVLA means to its members nationwide.

Way to go, Joe!

And now you finally have more time for your golf game at Cedarbrook and other things you enjoy.