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Did you meet all our 2016 new members?

As 2016 comes to a close, we want to take a second to remind everyone about all our incredible new BCA Members! BCA is very proud to have selected nine (9) new members in 2016. All are tremendous companies, led by tremendous people and we feel fortunate that they are a part of our BCA family. 

The real power of BCA comes from within! By every member making new members feel like a welcomed part of the family…by making new friends and still keeping the old… by continuing to pay it forward with generous, selfless attitudes. So have you met all the 2016 new members? If you haven’t, reach out today and make a new friend. 

2016 New Members


Steve Sweeney, President

ProFound Technologies

Kevin Busza,President

Synch-O LLC

Marc Sinkow, Chief Sherpa


Elizabeth Convery, Owner


Karen Cohen, President

MatchPoint Consulting Group

Craig Weintraub, CEO/President

The three new (3) members selected in December will be officially announced in early January. In the true spirit of BCA, we know that you will reach out and welcome them when you receive their New Member Announcement. 

Full contact information can also be found in our online member directory by logging into BCAProud.com.