Do Not Forget Elevator Capitol Planning This Year

Pincus Elevator is eager to help your team capital plan for your elevators.  It is a complimentary service that helps you the customer and us the elevator company. We will take the time to thoughtfully take a deep look at your equipment and produce a plan that should help shape your budget for next year and the years to come.

Elevators are commonly a large expense monthly through your maintenance plans but it’s the surprise equipment failures and long shutdowns that shatter your budgets if you do not take the time to plan.  If you have an elevator that is 1 -10 years old you most likely are in good shape to just budget your maintenance plan costs.  But every year after this, elevators can start costing you above and beyond that maintenance plan. At 20 years old most manufacturers stop supporting the equipment and that is when your elevator company may start claiming obsolescence on parts opening you up to a wide variety of costs.  We can identify the components unique to your equipment that are most likely to fail and let you know what to expect.

If your elevators are approaching 20 years old or older please reach out so we can honestly tell you what can happen.  We want you to be prepared so that surprises do not happen.  

Pincus Elevator strives to be your partner in giving a great tenant experience and communication is the key to every great partnership.  Reach out to Tom Gibson at to start the process!