Emily Pincus | Newest BCA Decision Maker

Emily Pincus, CFO

Emily Pincus recently completed her interview process and has been approved by the BCA Board of Advisors. Emily will now be recognized as an official Decision Maker under the Pincus Elevator membership.

Emily has been rapidly growing up the ranks at Pincus Elevator since joining them in 2018. She was recently promoted to CFO and over sees all the financial aspects of the company, as well as the HR and marketing departments. 

Emily Pincus is an Alumni of Temple University with a degree in finance. She started her career in banking where she worked at JP Morgan for 2 years in the Asset Wealth Management division of the bank. In 2018 is when she made the move to Pincus Elevator starting as the accounting manager, and now over sees all the financial aspects of the company as the CFO.  Emily is 3rd generation in the business and is passionate about growing the company and building relationships. She is an active member of many organizations including the Pennsylvania Apartment Association, Building Industry Association, Associated Builders and Contractors and Jewish Federation Real Estate Group. 

In her spare time, she likes to run and hike, is an aspiring new golfer and enjoys taking trips. She currently resides in Philadelphia where she enjoys trying new restaurants and bars. A little fun fact about Emily, her guilty pleasure is true crime documentaries and the ID channel.

In the spirit of BCA, we encourage you to reach out and Emily, get to know her and make her feel welcome into the Decision Maker family.

Newest BCA Decision Maker? What is this post?

A vital part of the BCA culture is creating a safe comfortable environment where business leaders, the owners and CEOs of companies (“Decision Makers”), can build relationships with their peers. In order to maintain our integrity as a decision maker organization, we vet this aspect during our membership interview process. If a change in leadership occurs within a current BCA Member company, the new leadership also gets vetted by our Board.

This post is used to announce new leadership that was recently approved by our Board, to be recognized as Decision Makers within BCA.