Episode Six Just Released | Brad Balentine on BCA Radio

BCA Radio announces the release of episode six, featuring special guest Brad Balentine, Owner of Tri-Point Electric. Brad has been BCAProud since 2021.

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Tri-Point Elecrtic

We also invite you to learn a little more about Tri-Point Electric. Not only are they BCA’s exclusive Electrical Contractor, Click Here to visit their website

What is BCA Radio?

The brainchild of Keith Baldwin and Phil Kramer, BCA Radio is a podcast that takes close relationships to the NEXT LEVEL. Each episode will focus on one member, helping us learn more on the person, who they are, where they came from, and how their life has impacted who they are today. It’s just another chance to get to know your fellow members, so you can continue to build deep relationships.

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