BCA announces the launch of the Equity Transformation Team (ETT). We are building a team of BCA members who are committed to our movement; A movement to transform our BCA community to a more equitable one. If you want to be a part of the change, please email Joleen,

It is one thing to advocate for equity and inclusion; it is another to turn the lens inward. Genuine, long-term equity requires transformation. It requires an honest look in the mirror, and a deep shift in organizational practices, culture, and composition. The Equity Transformation Team (ETT) will help us do just that.


The ETT falls under BCA, therefore adopts the mission, culture and foundational principles of BCA.

  • Our mission is to inspire selfless, genuine relationships. That includes demonstrating that even if you have different background or beliefs or opinions from someone, you can still respect them and have a relationship with them. In fact, we grow exponentially more if we surround ourselves with people who are different than us.
  • BCA remains neutral on any political or governmental affairs. We remain focused on our mission and supporting leaders who believe in the power of Relationships.
  • For the ETT, just like relationships, there is no finish line. The ETT will become part of an on-going movement for BCA.

The Equity Transformation Team will work closely with the BCA Executive Team to:

  • Assess: Help perform an Organizational Assessment
  • Listen and Learn. Commit to Trainings, workshops, readings and discussions designed to help become better educated on issues of equity.
  • Educate. Be a voice to help educate fellow BCA Members on issues of equity.
  • Act. Generate and implement actionable plans to support the efforts.

We hope you will join us and help us to operationalize all the racial equity and gender inclusion that we seek to advance in the country.