Finding the Elusive Sales Animal | Roundtable Recap

Many thanks to Ed, Scott, and Stuart from Quality Express Coffee for hosting a wonderful Roundtable.  Your coffee machine was impressive!  I know the wheels were turning with folks there looking to find ways to help you.

Those with school age kids, remember the App we heard about (forgot who told us) ‘Photo Math’ !!!  That may save hours of angst…

You clearly are not alone in your quest for outside sales talent that can represent you well and actually want to sell.  The Members talked a lot about tools that can be used.  Paul Blake was kind enough to send along the attached tools he spoke about that they use.  Other options included Caliper, LinkedIn, Zip Recruiter, InDeed and just finding someone that is selling to you that seems to make a good impression! 

Please remember Scott, Ed and Stuart and take a trip up to their offices in Tullytown to get the full effect of their company and their offerings.