Gary Krapf from Krapf Coaches needs your help!

The government has not included the motor coach industry in their stimulus package. Gary needs all of us to call or write to insist that this be rectified. Please contact Gary at for any additional information or questions you may have. This is critically important to companies like Krapf Coaches all over the country.
Dear Members:
We were greeted with positive news this morning and are at another CRITICAL time.  Albeit slow, negotiations for a new, bipartisan relief bill are in progress.  Please help us help you TODAY! This may be our last chance to get something done before the election.
Step 1: Go to this webpage:
Step 2: Click on your state
Step 3: Follow the directions
Step 4: Tell your friends to do the same thing!
Contact your Congressional delegation.  Please click the button to send a quick email to your Washington, DC delegation NOW! It literally takes two minutes.

CLICK TO SEND LETTERS (Thanks to UMA for the one-click technology!)
Reach today to your legislators and Congressional Leadership and implore them to support inclusion of the CERTS Act in the relief package now under discussion. 
Tell them how important it is to your business’s survival and ask them to tell the leadership they support inclusion of the CERTS Act in a final relief package.   
House and Senate Leadership: 
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: PH: 202-224-2541
Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer: PH: 202-224-6542
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: PH: 202-225-4965
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy: PH: 202-225-4000
Urge your legislators who have not yet co-sponsored the CERTS Act to add their names; AND thank those legislators who have added their names as co-sponsors of the bills. Here is the current list: H.R. 7642 co-sponsor list 
and S. 4150 co-sponsor list. 
After you’re done, please send this to your employees, friends and colleagues. 
Patricia Cowley Executive Director
 Telephone:  717-236-9042
 Email: Website: