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Haefele Flanagan Celebrates 50 years!

For 50 years, Haefele Flanagan has been giving back to the community, providing first-class accounting and tax services throughout the Greater Philadelphia area and hosting some of the best party’s you’ve ever seen accountants host. 

We congratulate Haefele Flanagan and cannot wait to celebrate your success at the September BCA Speaker Reception hosted by Haefele Flanagan. 

Joining the celebration in September will be special guest, Jamie Moyer. Moyer also knows a little something about longevity, being one of the few professional athletes who’s career spanned four (4) decades. Just like so many of us who are forced to adapt to ever-changing technology and business environments, Moyer was able to do likewise for the past quarter-century.

In business, just as in sports, it is not easy to achieve success that spans years, let alone decades. We hope you will join Haefele Flanagan, Jamie Moyer and the BCA family, as we come together to celebrate success and longevity of serving the Philadelphia Area.


Log in to the BCA Member Portal to RSVP for this exclusive BCA experience. 

More on Haefele Flanagan

Haefele Flanagan is a full service consulting, accounting, auditing, and tax service firm. Not only are they members of the AICPA, the NJSCPA, and the PICPA, but also an independent member of the PCAOB and CPA Associates International Inc. One of their distinctive features is their hands-on involvement and responsive service of their partners, managers and staff. They encourage communication and seek involvement with their clients throughout the year which results in better planning, earlier identification, and resolution of accounting, audit, tax and various other issues.