Has the “Freshman 15” Come Back to Haunt You?

Brandon Steiger, Joe O’Connell and other fellow BCA members invite you: Weight Loss Challenge 2018!

Enter by end of day tomorrow- January 4th

Have you heard of the “BCA 20”? It ‘s similar to the “Freshman 15” that had once haunted us during our undergraduate years. But once again, we have fallen short to find the time management skills and healthy eating habits that we should have perfected after our hard learned lesson from our college days.

As the holiday season comes to an end, it is the perfect timing to be interactive with your New Year’s Resolution to lose the weight and keep it off! 

The best way to succeed in weight loss sustainability, is to keep yourself accountable. What better way to keep yourself accountable, by utilizing your fellow BCA members? So lets challenge one another to live healthier and lose weight in 2018!

You are invited to join the BCA 2018 Weight Loss* challenge. This challenge is only for BCA companies and employees. 

The challenge is being run through the app DietBet, a secure and private platform. We will not know your weight and the system does all of the work for us.

So how does this work?

 Enter at Weightbet

How to enter?

Enter by visiting DietBet on your desktop, iPhone, or Android phone. Enter before January 4, 2018. The initial weigh-in is January 2nd through 3rd. The contest runs for 4 weeks, January 4th through 31st. The website or app will explain all of the details including how to weight youself (don’t worry, no one will know your weight).

Enter at WeightBet


Who can enter?

Anyone from a BCA Member Company including all employees. You can forward this email or the DietBet link to your employees.


Need some help?

There are millions of articles on the Internet on how to lose weight, here’s a link to a Google search (click me).

If you are still not sure how to begin, talk with our own Joe O’Connell at MatchPoint Consulting Group. You can contact Joe at or on his cellphone at 610-937-5800. Joe lost 30lbs a few years ago, has kept it off, and is happy to share his program with you.



Brandon Steiger

T: (484) 288-8290  D: (484) 324-6117

*Note: This is not an official, endorsed BCA program, but being run by BCA members only for BCA Member Companies.