Hope You Enjoyed the MADNESS | 14th Annual March Madness Event

Thank you to everyone who came out to the 14th Annual BCA March Madness Event. We hope you had as much fun as we did! If you want to Re-live some of the fun, check out BCA Radio Live at the event


This event wouldn’t be possible without our Title Sponsor, OneDigital.



We are excited to announce you raised just over $3,000 for Coaches vs. Cancer just today! Since our partnership began in 2014, we’ve raised over $65,000 for Coaches vs Cancer, this is not possible without your continuous generosity and support.

Block Pool

Thanks to everyone who purchased a block in our 2023 March Madness Block Pool. You can track all the winners by clicking here.

Unlike the Super Bowl where there is only ONE game, participants’ blocks are theirs for EVERY game, starting with the games on Thursday March 16th. All winners are listed after each game (use link above), as well as as aggregate count of how many times each pool member has won. The final totals will be tallied after the Championship Game on April 3rd, and payouts will be made at that time (as one person can win multiple times).

Bracket Madness

If you purchased a Bracket in our Bracket Madness Pool, you’ll have to login to your account to track your bracket. Winner will be announced after the April 3rd Championship Game.

Check out all the pictures below or also visit our instagram and twitter @BCAPhilly. We hope you’ll share your experience and photos with us as well… Share it on social media @BCAPhilly #BCAMME #BCAProud or email us.

Click Here for Photo Booth pics