How the heck did we get here? | Roundtable Recap

What an amazing round table guys!  First of all, thanks to Brian, Gene and Marie for hosting us all.  And who are we kidding?  Thanks, Marie, for your fantastic spread of food and fun.  OK…Gene gets credit for the wine….. 

The topic was a fun one and it gave us such great insight into who we are and how we got here.  Interestingly enough, I think in every case, there was a relationship that directed your paths in some way.  It’s all about relationships and it was a wonderful opportunity to continue building them. 

A couple of great lines from today: 

  • Chance and luck starts really young. 
  • Reflecting on your past helps you move into the future. 

Please keep the folks at OMNIA Architect Group, top of mind as you think of ways you can help them!