Humanitarian Award Presented to Sabre Systems, Inc. Founder and CEO Phil Jaurigue

Phil Jaurigue, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sabre Systems, Inc., was presented the Neumann University Presidential Humanitarian Award during the school’s 20th annual scholarship gala. The annual event took place in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and raised over $100,000 in scholarship funds for Neumann University students. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Presidential Humanitarian Award.   

The annual award is given to an individual whose life reflects a commitment to serve humanity and empower the underserved in our society; devotion to religious and family values; dedication to excellence; value for philanthropy and giving back; willingness to take risks in the pursuit of vision; and a demonstrated value for education and a positive intellectual life.

Mr. Jaurigue received the award for his public service, entrepreneurial spirit, and leadership in the Delaware Valley. After beginning his career in the private industry supporting Navy shipbuilding and aircraft programs, he founded Sabre Systems, Inc. in 1989 and has served as CEO since its inception. Under his leadership, Sabre has grown into a highly successful technology and engineering services company, created thousands of jobs, supported Depart of Defense readiness and contributed to advancements in engineering.