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Hunt. Educate. Attract. Retain.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the NEMR Total HR Roundtable.  And thanks so much to Steve and Janis for their wonderful hospitality.  Oh…and the sushi!  Your new offices are beautiful. It was great to hear everyone’s New Year’s ‘resolution’. 

Steve’s topic is one that is on the minds of a lot of our Business Leaders.  How do you Hunt. Educate. Attract. Retain. ?  

Some takeaways from the Roundtable:

  • Partner with companies or organizations that are in your target space
  • Fine tune your offerings; customize or restructure 
  • Be a thought leader; become the industry expert
  • Web presence can be critical
  • Marketing companies are not the be-all end-all
  • Set benchmarks and track progress
  • Set and manage goals

One thing is for certain, there is no one right way to answer the questions or solve the problems but a willingness to ‘listen to learn’ vs. ‘listen to react’ is a good step (Thanks Traci!).

Please remember to show kindness and generosity to someone who may least expect it.