Ideas For Unique 1:1’s | Pair & Share Program:

Three weeks ago we announced the Pair & Share Program. Now we’d like to share some inspiration, here are some suggestions to get your creative juices flowing! Most of all… Have fun scheduling your 1:1.


Celebrate Juneteenth

This Month we celebrate Juneteenth, honor the day with one of these activities:

Adventure-Based Meetings

  • Meet up for a walk or hike
  • Go kayaking
  • Try Rock climbing
  • Enjoy a game of pickleball
  • Private Sports Lesson: Take a private lesson in a sport that’s new to both of you
  • Play a game of pickup basketball
  • Hit an archery range
  • Love the circus? Try This
  • Go Roller Skating at Dilworth Plaza

Cultural Experiences

Events in the Area

Volunteer Together

  • Participate in a community service project
  • Volunteer for a charity you are passionate about, and share that passion

Learning New Skills

  • Attend a DIY workshop where you both can learn how to make something practical, like furniture or home decor
  • Instead of a standard dinner, try a cooking class
  • Mindfulness and Meditation Class
  • Try a dance class
  • Learn Photography
  • Attend a Conference

For additional inspiration, check out the 1:1 experiences some members have already shared.

    • Each month, all Decision Makers will receive an email alerting them who they’ve been paired with
    • Once paired, members are challenged to coordinate a 1:1 that is anything but standard! Whether it’s scaling a rock wall, exploring a local art exhibit, or volunteering for a cause, the goal is to create a setting that breaks down the traditional walls of an office or restaurant.
    • See ideas at end of this page
  3. SHARE
    • Share your experience, tell us how it went, inspire others, send a picture
    • Post it, Text it, Email it