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Inaugural Power Couples Event #BCAProud

The first ever BCA “Power Couples” event was held on October 4th and was hosted at the Downingtown Country Club. The evening was all about building peer camaraderie with members of the BCA’s who are married and work together day-to-day in their professional lives. To help kick off our Inaugural Power Couples event, the original Power Couple, Ron & Liz Jaworski, joined in the fun as honored guests!

To make the evening more lively and interactive, each couple had to come prepared to share their answers to the following questions:

1) What makes it work (working with your spouse and being a Power Couple in business)?

2) What are some of the challenges you’ve faced due to working together?

3) What do you admire about your spouse’s work/what do they uniquely contribute to your company?

Little did we know how much we would learn about each other by answering these simple questions but the real surprises came with the stories and tales that were voluntarily shared! But as they say, what happens in a BCA affinity group, stays in a BCA affinity group.