Is one of your fellow BCA Members simply awesome? Tell us why? #ShoutOut

We officially invite all members to share their story.  On June 23rd, we launched a new segment of our blog called Member-to-Member Shout Out. The idea came directly from Paul Becker, DDP Roofing (thanks Paul).  We absolutely love the suggestion, it couldn’t be more BCA, so thanks Paul.

The Member-to-Member Shout Out allows BCA members to make a public statement of appreciation, recognition or gratitude. You can share a story or experience you had with a fellow member, generally share what you’ve gotten to know about a fellow member or spotlight an incredible fact or quality you’ve learned. The options are limitless. If you are unsure of what to write, check out our very first Member-to-Member Shout Out created by Paul Becker.

To personally give a shout out, simply click here to shoot us an email.

Generosity lives at the core of BCA, so go ahead and make someones day!