Is Your Elevator Clean?

Cleaning your elevator is an important, routine task that should be kept up with for the safety and efficiency of your elevator, but now it is more important to properly clean it than ever. It is no secret that there’s some pretty intense illnesses spreading, like the Flu and the Coronavirus. These illnesses can spread faster in high traffic areas used often by the general public, like elevators, where many people use it on a given day. As a building with an elevator that is constantly being used by visitors or tenants, you want to make sure you limit any possibilities of the germs spreading. It is recommended to clean the elevator buttons as often as needed with Lysol Disinfectant sprayed onto a clean, lint free rag and wipe the buttons down. Do not directly spray the buttons with the antibacterial solution, make sure it goes on to the rag first. Also, remember to wipe down any hand rails and walls in your elevator to kill germs spread by coughing and incase anyone has touched them. This is a good reminder to also sweep the sills of dust and debris that can hoard germs or even give your elevator doors some trouble. Remember to keep your hands away from your face and wash your hands thoroughly and wipe down other surfaces that may be used daily where germs can live. Stay safe and clean this coming Spring season, always protect yourself and others. 

If you run into any problems with your elevator this Winter or coming Spring and need a reliable repair team to  fix the problem, call Pincus Elevator Company at  610-738-4350 or contact Tom Gibson, Sales Representative or Tony Belluscio, Vice President and General Manager at or to discuss upgrades in  your elevator to ensure safety for your tenants or customers 

Let’s hope for a brighter 2021!