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Island Survival Skills!

Thanks to Ed Hutchinson for hosting the Round Table at Hutchinson Mechanical, Plumbing, Heating and Cooling.  And thanks for your slide show, Ed.  It was great to see the history of your company, how it’s changed over the many years, and how you’ve grown and adapted!  It was also fun to hear how you’d all survive on your island….

The digital advertising discussion brought up some new avenues, tried and true methods, and also some ‘spaghetti’ (throw it against the wall and see what sticks).  As the digital age continues to morph into the next best thing, it’s clear that there is no ‘one’ best way to do it. What stuck out most was, whatever digital avenues you attempt, monitoring results are not as immediate as we would like and it’s not an easy task in most cases. It was good to hear successes and have you share ideas and it’s always great to get together.

Please remember the June events coming up and please reach out to our new Members and get to know them!