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Success, Longevity and Hard Work @jmo50Moyer #BCAProud

Thank you to everyone who came out and shared their morning with us at the BCA Hospitality Breakfast. A huge thank you to Jamie Moyer for sharing your captivating stories with us. Persistence is key as you face the many hurdles of a long-time career. You exemplify success with longevity in baseball and in your life throughout time.


Congratulations to Lisa Formica, President of FMI Direct Marketing Productions, our VIP Member.

There are few that are as easy to talk to as Lisa. She has a genuine ease that makes you feel like you’ve known her for years even if your meeting her for the first time. 

Lisa is big-hearted, humble and generous,  but don’t mistake that for weakness. She is also fearless and driven and as sharp a business owner as anyone we know.

She is never afraid to lean on fellow members for advice or when in need, but she is also the first to be there for anyone else.

She is the kind of member we wish we could clone, because Lisa has brought some much to our BCA family since joining in 2012, and we are honored to call her a friend. 


This morning we introduced the newest member of our BCA family, Delco Development. They will exclusively represent the Real Estate Developer category. In true BCA fashion, we encourage you to reach out to Tom and Michelle and welcome them to the BCA family.

  • Tom Juliano, President
  • Michelle Banfe, Vice President 


A special thank you to this morning’s Charity Spotlight, La Salle Academy, dedicated to educating children in grades 3 through 8 whose potential is limited by financial, social, academic, or emotional challenges. And whose parents and guardians desire, but can not afford, a Catholic education. A special thank you to Haefele, Flanagan & Co. for nominating them and introducing us to this great organization.

It was wonderful sharing our morning with you and we hope to see you at our next Breakfast… in the Evening!

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