Jim Geier of Human Capital Consulting Partners, hosts recruitment webinar.

If finding the right candidate for your CEO, Director of Operations, or Lead Engineer has been stressing you to the max, attend this webinar on Tuesday, February 25, 2020. Click her to register!
How Low Can the Unemployment Rate Go?

With today’s historically low unemployment rate of 3.5%, and extremely tight competition for talent, identifying and recruiting talent for your key positions can be overwhelming. If you’ve been placing ads on multiple websites, asking for referrals, and pulling your hair out, it’s time you turn to a professional organization that understands your industry and not only can, but will, find you the ‘right’ candidates.

Research shows that employee turnover by hiring the wrong person costs companies hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Stop wasting time and money. Join Human Capital Consulting Partners for a no-cost webinar featuring Jim Geier, President & CEO of HCC Partners, to start down the path of solving this critical problem.