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Challenges will come but don’t let them hold you back @Jabbottum31 Motivates #BCAProud #BCABreakfast

Thank you to everyone who came out and shared their morning with us at the BCA Hospitality Breakfast. A huge thank you to Jim Abbott, your story and your outlook on life are an inspiration to us all. You helped us to see that there are so many amazing possibilities in this world, if we just believe in ourselves and can find our own way of doing things regardless of what challenges surround us. 


Thank you, again, to the Starfinder Foundation for sharing your story and letting us know about all the great work you are doing. With a mission to instill the academic, professional, and leadership skills through soccer and learning experiences, they are changing the future for kids and teenagers in the Philadelphia community. What an honor to support a cause so close to home. 


Congratulations to our VIP member, Nick Lanzi of Direct Choice, Inc.  We are so proud that you’ve been able to lean-in to the discomforts of vulnerability. We are even more proud of the resulting growth and transformation we’ve seen in your relationships within BCA and in you as a business leader. 

We’ve always had great respect for you as a business owner and your generous attitude and genuine warm approach is well known, but when anyone can take good to great, they are very deserving of the VIP Member award.


This morning we had the privilege of introducing the newest member of our BCA family. It is with great excitement that we welcome Chris Earley from Liberty Inspection Group.

Liberty Inspection Group

Chris Earley, Owner

Exclusively representing: Home Inspection

In the true spirit of BCA, please make Chris feel welcome and at home with his new family. Reach out and get to know Chris if you haven’t already.