Keep Distance and Create Barriers at the Office

The office environments as we know it will change due to COVID-19 pandemic. It is difficult to dissect the tremendous amount of COVID-19 news and social media coverage, and decide what office environment will work best for your company, employees, and customers.  The fact is, every business, industry, building, and individual is different and will therefore require unique solutions for moving back into the workplace. We are here to help with these challenges. 

Our goal as your partner in furnishing commercial interiors is to keep workers safe, healthy and productive while in the office environment. How do we do this? By upholding current social distancing guidelines.

Below are a few products that can be used throughout the office to add division and privacy for individuals.

Divide with Storage
Instead of adding a panel to divide your workstations, consider adding a high storage unit.
High storage units can also be used to divide a large open area to define smaller individualized areas.

Ask us about storage divider solutions.

“Calibrate” by AIS offers a variety of storage options to divide individual workstations.
“Corby” by Global Furniture Group can be used as a room divider.
Divide with Functionality and Inspiration
Add Panels in between each person at the workstation or use them to divide an open area to create a new traffic pattern within the office. The use of whiteboard material on dividers can promote creativity and a sense of community with inspiring messages.

Ask us about functional divider panel options.

“Three Wheel” by AIS is a slim divider panel that can go in between side-by-side work surfaces.
Its whiteboard surface makes it more versatile.
“Connect Space Creators” by Claridge is a panel divider system that can be used in a variety of areas. It can be whiteboard, fabric, or both.