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KTB hosts successful Roundtable-Attracting and Retaining Great Talent

Thanks to everyone who attended theKistler Tiffany Benefits Roundtable. A big thank you to Shawn Orenstein, Mike Troy and Kistler Tiffany Benefits for hosting.

We all see the KTB logo everywhere, but it was wonderful getting to know the capabilities and scope of services of the company behind that logo. Gotta love Wendy Monaco’s (Allied Mortgage) comment “I don’t know what I’d do without KTB”.

Shawn and Mike also made a great topic choice for the Roundtable. There is no secret success formula for attracting and retaining great talent, but there were some great suggestions and thoughts shared.

  • Have a standardized training program (this was a big one that many of you have and rely on)
  • Marketing your company in the recruiting and hiring world should be no different than marketing your company to new customers. “Market” your company as a great place to work
  • Many use and have found referral programs for employee candidates beneficial  
  • Mentor programs can be valuable, especially in the first 30-60 days 
  • Hire desire and attitude, train skills