#KTBrief | Attract and Retain Talent with Benefits

If you work in the Human Resources field right now, you have been working in an environment where finding and keeping good top talent is a challenge! Unemployment is at a 15 + year low, and it is critical to use benefits offerings to keep your employees engaged and lure in top talent to your organization.

Companies are realizing the importance of tying their benefits to their ‘talent’ strategy. Employees want to feel that their employer understands what they need in their life at every stage, so offering benefits that appeal to a cross generational workforce is vital. Millennials may value student debt loan repayment, where Generation Xers may prefer coverage and help with fertility treatment payments, and baby boomers may want to just focus on health benefits for managing chronic conditions. To each his own, and all employees need to see benefits as part of their total compensation.

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