Lance Wain | Newest BCA Decision Maker

Lance Wain recently completed his interview process and has been approved by the BCA Board of Advisors. Lance will now be recognized as an official Decision Maker along with Brandon and Heather Steiger, under the Grafik (Formerly 2120 Creative) membership.

This news comes after 2120 Creative announced they were acquired by Grafik earlier this year. Click here to read more on that.

Lance is a native Washingtonian and proud alumni of the University of Maryland system, Lance has spent over two decades building a portfolio of experiences that includes working on Capitol Hill as a legislative aide, collaborating with international governments and private equity firms in emerging markets, and driving growth strategies as a marketing and business development consultant for Fortunate 100 companies, non profits and associations, and many start up organizations.

In his current role as CEO of Grafik, Lance oversees a branding and digital marketing agency with close to  50 people that are tirelessly focused on delivering sound marketing strategies and creative solutions for each and every client.

A devoted father of three, Lance is also a sports fanatic and as excited as he is to join the BCA, he will never deviate from his love of D.C. sports teams. 

In the spirit of BCA, we encourage you to reach out to Lance and schedule some time to get to know him better.

Newest BCA Decision Maker? What is this post?

A vital part of the BCA culture is creating a safe comfortable environment where business leaders, the owners and CEOs of companies (“Decision Makers”), can build relationships with their peers. In order to maintain our integrity as a decision maker organization, we vet this aspect during our membership interview process. If a change in leadership occurs within a current BCA Member company, the new leadership also gets vetted by our Board.

This post is used to announce new leadership that was recently approved by our Board, to be recognized as Decision Makers within BCA.