Launching BCA’s Pair & Share Program: Deepening Connections, One 1:1 at a Time

We believe that the strongest and most enduring professional relationships grow from meaningful, 1:1 interactions. As part of our ongoing commitment to put relationships at the forefront, we are announcing the Pair & Share Program.

    • Each month, all Decision Makers will receive an email alerting them who they’ve been paired with
    • Once paired, members are challenged to coordinate a 1:1 that is anything but standard! Whether it’s scaling a rock wall, exploring a local art exhibit, or volunteering for a cause, the goal is to create a setting that breaks down the traditional walls of an office or restaurant.
    • See ideas at end of this page
  3. SHARE
    • Share your experience, tell us how it went, inspire others, send a picture
    • Post it, Text it, Email it

Why Go Beyond the standard Meetup?

Meeting in a unique environment or engaging in an uncommon activity does more than just break the ice—it can break down barriers. Shared experiences in distinctive settings not only help in forming lasting impressions but also in building trust and camaraderie that typical office or coffee shop meetings rarely achieve.


We encourage every BCA member to embrace this new initiative. Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Respond Promptly: Once you receive your pairing, reach out and set up your 1:1.
  • Be Open and Genuine: These interactions are most fruitful when both parties are open and genuine in their conversations.
  • Share Your Stories: After your meeting, share what you’ve learned and enjoyed about the experience.


Adventure-Based Meetings: Encourage members to meet up for an activity like hiking, kayaking, or rock climbing. These types of activities can lead to exciting experiences that are likely to be remembered and talked about long after the event.

Cultural Experiences: Suggest visiting a museum, art gallery, or attending a theater performance together. Such cultural outings can provide plenty of stimuli for discussion and may appeal to members who enjoy the arts.

Volunteer Together: Participating in a community service event or project offers a way to see each other in a different light, work together for a common cause, and build a deep connection based on shared values.

Learning New Skills: They could sign up for a workshop or class together, whether it’s cooking, photography, or even a dance class. Learning something new together can create a bonding experience that’s both fun and challenging.

Gastronomic Adventures: Challenge members to explore unusual dining experiences, such as themed restaurants, tasting menus, or ethnic cuisines they haven’t tried before. Sharing a meal in an unusual setting can make for an enriching experience.

Sporting Events: Attending a sports event, especially if it involves a sport neither member knows much about, can be a fun and engaging way to spend time together.

Travel for a Day: If feasible, they could plan a day trip to a nearby city or landmark. The travel time and new environment provide a unique backdrop for deeper conversation and shared experiences.

Attend a Conference: Going together to a conference outside can provide fresh insights and ideas, helping to think outside the box while supporting each other in a new environment.