Lead Like A Chameleon

For the first time, Take Flight Learning is offering its Chameleon Leadership training program as an open enrollment event for people from different companies around the world.

This four-hour virtual session teaches leaders how to effectively create an engaging and productive environment for everyone on their team. By learning how to incorporate the Eagle, Parrot, Dove and Owl styles into their daily interactions, leaders will gain the skills to adapt with chameleon-like flexibility to everyone they meet.
Through the 

Chameleon Leadership Profile, participants will discover how their personality is creating their leadership style. This one-of-a-kind training infuses personality into the following skills:

  • Communicating & Listening: Discover how to incorporate the four styles throughout every aspect of communication, including: sharing information, listening to their staff, motivating others and creating an engaging environment.
  • Leading Meetings: Learn how to engage Eagles, Parrots, Doves and Owls so that meetings are inclusive, synergistic and productive.
  • Delegating for Results: Experiencing delegation in action and discover the importance of flexing to a direct reports’ styles when assigning work.
  • Providing Meaningful Feedback: Engage in a feedback activity that will transform how they grow staff members of every style.
  • Engaging the Team: Discover the power of utilizing the four styles to increase employee performance and satisfaction.

Chameleon Leadership helps current and future leader take their leadership skills to new heights.

Spaces are limited, so reserve your seat today.

Date:           December 10, 2020 
Time:          1pm-5pm EST
Cost:           $249/person (includes a complimentary Chameleon Leadership Profile (taken prior to the session), Chameleon Leadership Participant Guide, Chameleon Leadership Reference Guide)
Facilitator:   This session will be led by the Bird Guy himself, Merrick Rosenberg
Location:      Virtually through Zoom
If you would prefer to schedule a private Chameleon Leadership session for your leadership team, please let us know and we can make that happen!


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