Learn How to Handle (sales) Objections Webinar

It is pretty common for Sales Professionals to encounter objections from their prospects. You may hear:

·    It’s too expensive

·    We have other priorities

·    Your company is too small / too big

·    We may stick with our current vendor

·    (Fill In The Blank)

The Sales Professional’s ability to convert new sales and maintain strong profit margins is contingent on their ability to master handling ALL objections.

Participants will learn techniques to identify and handle resistance while simultaneously remaining unemotional which will put them in the best possible position to convert business even in light of the objections being raised. 

You will learn 7 techniques for gaining important information depending on the type of resistance they are encountering from their prospect. Finally, the participants will learn how to identify something of value that their prospect(s) are focused on that can provide the path to converting the conversation into a win.

Date: October 13th

Time: 12:00pm-1:30pm

Location: Virtual

Fee: $199

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