Learn Why We Click With Some And Clank With Others

Join award-winning personality styles author, Merrick Rosenberg, as he leads Take Flight Learning’s signature training program in a virtual open-enrollment format! Instead of seeing Merrick share his wisdom at a conference with a thousand other attendees, this small-group format is your chance to work with the person who actually wrote the book about tapping into the power of your personality. 

At times like this, we understand that it’s important to maintain a business-as-usual approach and maintain positive working relationships between coworkers. The Taking Flight with DISC training program is the perfect way to connect your team, even if they are not physically working side-by-side. 

This session is a refreshing, reimagined approach to traditional personality styles workshops. By linking the personality styles to the four birds (Eagles, Parrots, Doves, and Owls) people remember the styles like never before! 

The Taking Flight with DISC Session will help participants to:

  • Quickly understand their own style through a condensed version of the Taking Flight with DISC Profile
  • Easily read the styles of others and instantly flex to meet their needs
  • Tap into their natural gifts to capitalize on their strengths
  • Avoid overusing their strengths so they don’t become liabilities
  • Infuse the four styles into their organizational culture so they are used every day
  • Build stronger relationships, communicate more effectively, become empowering leaders, and co-create a more engaging and productive work environment

Merrick will keep everyone engaged through breakout room activities and his thought-provoking and humorous stories. 

Click on a link below to register for the date you would like to attend. The two-hour session is $95 per person and includes the training and a complimentary Taking Flight with DISC Profile. The Profile will be emailed to you prior to the session.

June 24, 2020 from 1-3pm EST
For teams of 10 or more, contact us for a virtual private session.

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